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If you are worried about the health of your pets, you need to read this because...

Now you can both prevent disease
from occurring and see established
problems disappear

People are becoming more and more concerned about the failing health of their pets. Many people struggle to find the high price of veterinary care. Others find veterinary care too toxic and limiting.

Dear Fellow Pet Lover

Have you ever wondered why your pets are becoming sicker, and at earlier ages? Do you remember having healthier pets in the past? Ones who lived longer lives?

Sadly, pets are not as healthy as they once were. Despite the advances in veterinary health care, domestic pets are not benefitting. In fact, they are deteriorating.

This is not good news for any caring pet lover, but perhaps it is more problematic to those who find it hard enough to pay for the increasingly expensive veterinary treatment.

While veterinary treatment can appear to help prolong life in many illnesses, it does so by suppressing the symptoms of the disease. In itself, this lowers the immune system, leading to less disease resistance in the animal. This inevitably means an earlier death.

You think you are doing your best, but you are actually making things worse.

In my previous life, I well remember one of my cats, Tot, developed kidney disease. He wasn’t particularly old when he developed the problem, about 10. My veterinarian prescribed a medication which he said would prolong the life of Tot’s kidneys, but it came at a price. Tot became blind and very anxious. He started wandering far and wide, so I had to confine him, adding to his distress.

I wish I had known then what I know now, as now I know what the cause was, or at least a major contributing cause. A cause that I could easily have remedied.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

Many moons ago, in another life it often seems, I consulted a vet with a (different) sick cat. He asked me what I was feeding my cats. Although he tut-tutted when I told him (typical commercial cat food), he made no attempt to tell me why what I was doing was wrong, or how I could easily make some changes. Maybe he had said it too many times before and it kept falling on deaf ears.

But I remembered.

In the mid 1990’s I had a sea change in my life. I began studying homeopathy. I also started to research cat health and diet. What I discovered astonished me, upset me and made me angry.

I bought books written by homeopathic and other holistic vets, detailing exactly what commercial pet food contained and what this was doing to the health of pets. They showed how a simple change of diet could cure, yes cure, chronic degenerative diseases while many vets were recommending death as the only option.

Things like leukemia. Things like cancer. And of course, all the other, less serious, but none the less troublesome health problems, such as gingivitis, diabetes, heart problems and so on.

I read about Dr Pottenger’s dietary experiments with cats in the 1930s and the conclusions he reached. I studied Dr Edward Bach’s discoveries, in the 1920s, about the human intestines and what foods upset the delicate balance of the essential bowel flora.

So I set about converting my animals to a healthy diet. This was not without its problems. Cats tend to dislike change. And I made a lot of mistakes. But we came through the experience. And I can’t tell you how much their health improved.

At the time, I did yearn for some help in this process. But I was resolute. What I did feel was that many people would easily fall at the difficulties they can encounter. (And I was right.) So, I decided to write about how you too can make these radical changes, much more easily than I did.

Imagine for a moment, that you brought up your children on fast food and junk food. Then you discovered the benefits of real food and decided to make a change. You would have a riot on your hands.

Animals, especially cats, don’t like change, either. It takes time, persistence, knowledge and support, to help you and them through the change. To help their taste buds and their digestion adapt. To help you make the necessary changes in your thinking.

At times, you may feel it’s not worth the effort. At times, you may feel that you are not a good pet carer. But it is worth the trouble. The benefits are enormous.

I qualified as a professional homeopath in the year 2000 and have been in full time practice ever since, treating both humans and their animals. And the rewards have been exceptional. It is difficult to describe the feeling you have, when a terminally ill pet bounces back to life, much to the astonishment of their person. And all this from a simple change of diet and good homeopathic treatment.

But with the simple change, also comes a change of heart and of thinking. In you.

Now, I want to empower you. I want you to be able to achieve similar results. I want to show you how it is possible to make some simple changes in your pet’s health care, to enjoy the benefits of their improved health and well being. You can make the necessary changes without the heartache I had.

Do You Feel Helpless or Dissatisfied About Your Pet’s Health?

Commercial pet food manufacturers make a lucrative income. Their profits are enormous.

On the other hand, universities are always struggling for cash.

Put these two scenarios together and you would be right in thinking that commercial pet food manufacturers contribute to financing veterinary colleges. Not from an altruistic point of view; rather from a future marketing ploy.

It is the commercial pet food industry which trains veterinary students about the nutrition and diet of pets. Everyone can see that there is a conflict of interest here. Yet that is the sum total of the students’ education on diet.

The industry stands to gain enormously. The future veterinarians will all be promoting the brand that most appealed to them. Or perhaps the brand that pays them the most commission.

Is this in the interest of your pets? I suggest it is more in the interests of the veterinarians and the pet food industry.

Some veterinarians can see the flaw and they self educate themselves on nutrition and diet. These invariably turn out to be the holistic vets.

There is Another Way!

Currently, you don’t find holistic vets on every street corner. This will come, but maybe not in your life time. So what can you do to help your pet?

The single most important change you can make that will drastically change your pet’s  health, and so their life, is the diet.

Once you know what goes into most commercial pet food, you will wonder how your pet ever managed to survive this long. Once you know the typical ingredients of commercial pet food, you will be as horrified as I was. Then probably as angry.

When I start to tell people what goes into commercial pet food, they usually ask me to stop rather early on in my narrative, they are so horrified. They put their hands up, not wanting to know more, fully convinced and fully committed to making the necessary changes.

Comments From Holistic Veterinarians

Here are some of the comments holistic vets have to say:

Nutrition is vital for health.

Veterinarian and author Alfred Plechner, reports "Because many commercial foods are woefully deficient in key nutrients, the long term effect of feeding such foods makes the pet hypersensitive to its environment”.

Is the labelling truthful?

Veterinarian and author Henry Pasternak, tells it like it is: "Many pet foods advertised as "preservative-free" do, in fact, contain preservatives.”

Veterinarian Thomas A Newland comments “When the moist foods came out, we figured they must have a very strong preservative because they needed no refrigeration. Many of them do have a very strong preservative - formalin. Formalin is such a good preservative, in fact, undertakers use quite a lot of it.”

I'm sure you feel your commercial pet food contains
quality ingredients, but does it?

Veterinarian Wendell O Belfield has this to say on the typical ingredients of commercial pet food: “Do you know what is in most meal, the major constituent of dry pet food?   Urine, faecal matter, hair, pus, meat from animals afflicted with cancer, TB, etc.”

Why don't more people get a second opinion before
killing their pet on the recommendation of their vet?

Veterinarian S Allen Price “I’ve been dealing with feline leukaemia for years; and I get disgusted with most veterinarians who advocate test and slaughter - that is if the cat tests positive, it’s best to kill it. We’ve had cats who have been able to climb trees and look normal in less than ten weeks. And I’m talking about cats who were brought in to us too weak even to stand up.”

Are commercial pet foods the CAUSE of ill health?
Are their claims of balanced nutrition all hog wash?

Veterinarian J Keith Benedict comments “I suppose we veterinarians who do a lot of work with skin and hair problems ought to thank the commercial pet food manufacturers for all the business they create for us.”

Veterinarian Richard J Kearns “I believe all cases of spinal myelopathy are caused by poor nutrition, sometimes going back to the mother’s nutrition during pregnancy.”

Veterinarians John E Craigie, H H Robertson, Richard J Kearns “Dead mothers and dead babies; we seldom see them anymore if the mother is fed a natural diet with supplements.”

Veterinarians Robert S Goldstein, Marty Goldstein, Richard J Kearns, H H Robertson “We just seldom see the so-called inevitable diseases in our patients, when we can get the owners to raise their pets on the natural foods.”

Can a simple change of diet really cure health problems?

Veterinarian Nino Aloro “Diet seems to be at the base of about 90% of the cases of cystitis that I see. When my clients observe the proper diet after initial treatment, there are rarely any of the ‘normal’ relapses. If they put the pet back on commercial food, then the cystitis comes back.”

Veterinarians Richard J Kearns, Norman C Ralston “Bladder stones and kidney stones are completely a nutritional problem. We have never seen a recurrence once the animal is put on a natural diet. Never.”

Introducing A Better Way

Maybe you’ve read enough. Maybe now you’re saying to yourself:

  • How do I go about making these changes?
  • Where do I start?
  • What do I buy?
  • How do I make an easy change over?
  • What problems am I likely to encounter?
  • How can I implement these changes into an already busy schedule?
  • How can I be sure to provide a balanced diet?

If you are, then you can feel safe and secure in the knowledge that there is help at hand.

By joining Quartz Natural Pet Health, you will receive weekly emails on what your pet needs for a quality, balanced, healthy life. The information includes reversing serious disease.

It runs for one year.

Because most people are busy, the emails come in easy-to-understand bite size chunks.

There are many areas that cause conflict between humans and animals. Invariably, it is the animal who suffers.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are many easy and natural solutions to probably all conflicts we have with animals. My Quartz Natural Pet Health explores most of the important ones.

During the year, you also have unlimited email access to me about any problems you encounter on putting these suggestions into practice.

What Others Say About the 
Quartz Natural Pet Health

Clear concise information.
Thank you.
George K.

The Benefits You Can Have

Let’s revisit the great benefits you can enjoy when you put into practice what you will learn, They include:

  • having a healthy pet with a strong immune system
  • having a pet who shrugs off common health problems - water off a duck’s back
  • having a pet who can reverse and heal a serious health problem
  • ways to deal with the cause of many human/animal conflicts in a kind but effective way
  • saving yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of $$ in veterinary treatment

Quartz Natural Pet Health focuses on the root cause of ALL disease. Disease is a man made phenomena. Wild animals don’t have the diseases domestic pets have. Focus on what humanity is doing wrong, and righting that, and your pet can enjoy the bountiful health of their wild cousins.

To quote from a well known source, it’s better to learn how to fish, than to be given a fish. That way you enjoy the benefits of looking after yourself, rather than relying on handouts. Learn what is causing your pet’s poor health, fix that, and enjoy the benefits, along with your pet.

Allanah’s Story

Allanah is a busy career woman, with a family. Immediately, you know she has little time. Managing a family is considered a full time career by many. Managing a full time career is enough for most people. But putting the two together means there is little free time for anything.

Allanah’s family also have a cat and a dog. She wants the best for them, just as she does for herself and her family. She had discovered the benefits of holistic health care and a healthy diet for her children, but this had not yet extended to her pets.

Until the week from hell! In a single week, her cat came down with (apparently irreversible) kidney disease and gingivitis and her dog developed (again apparently irreversible) diabetes.

Despite her busy life, Allanah is well aware of the importance of life’s messages. She decided something bigger than she realised was going on here, which needed investigation.

She took a few days off work and delved into researching holistic animal health. She discovered Quartz Natural Pet Health and decided that fitted her needs. She signed up.

She said later, that she was grateful the emails came down in bite size chunks because that way she could understand and put them into practice easily. It needed a complete change in the way she thought and so the drip, drip process worked well for her.

Six months in and she had long accomplished the change over successfully, with very little trouble. Not only that, but she was feeling the veterinary medication was now not necessary, or needed less often.

She took her pets back to the vet. The test results astounded her vet, but she was not surprised. Her cat’s kidneys were not showing any malfunction. Her cat’s mouth and gums were normal and healthy. Her dog’s sugar levels were now normal.

Will Your Pet Suffer If You Wait Any Longer

Can you afford to wait another day before putting these changes into effect?

In every being, there is always a point of no return. We all have to die at some point, and when our time is right, we will pass this point and not be able to recover.

However, this point comes too early for most pets. But, it can be postponed. Everyone was meant to live long, healthy lives, your pet included. As a caring pet person, should you delay the change you now have at your disposal?

If you do, it may cost you dearly in veterinary fees. And the treatment is unlikely to provide the solution.

It’s much easier to make healthy changes when there is no heavy emotional desperation about the condition of your pet. That is often when people search for solutions, but is a more difficult time, being fraught with concern. I know because I’ve been there and done that.

But an emotionally charged human is not the best nurse in times of ill health. And doesn’t make such good decisions as when they have a clear head.

Regardless of that, now is the best time to make some healthy changes. Now is the beginning of the rest of your pet’s life.

This simple change has been responsible for the recovery of many pets from chronic degenerative health conditions, mostly considered irreversible by their vet. Can you afford to ignore it? What will it cost you if you do? Will you always regret the fact you didn’t try it?

My Aim is to Over Deliver

By putting into practice the easy solutions found in my 
Quartz Natural Pet Health, some of the great benefits you will enjoy include:

  • your pet has improved immunity naturally
  • your pet is able to reverse in part, if not in whole, serious disease
  • ways to improve the relationship between you and your pets
  • ways to remove causes of aggression

The weekly emails are in easy-to-understand bite size chunks which allow you time to change your thought pattern. And to implement the necessary task. You’ll be ready for the next email when it arrives.

And the added bonus is that you have unlimited email access to me if you encounter problems putting the suggestions into practice.

I do my utmost to provide the best quality I can. I go to great lengths to over-deliver.

The rest is down to you.

Are you ready to make the changes necessary for a major health improvement for your pet?

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I wish you and your pet/s good health.

Madeleine Innocent

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